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In these tough economic times, any type of investing seems dangerous. While it may be true that investing in the stock market right now is a bad idea, investing in your personal and emotional health is always a good idea. Why? Because mental or emotional problems always hurt your productivity, sap your energy and stifle your creativity. All three are critical to keeping your job or saving your relationships in these tough times.

We Accept Many Many Insurance Plans.

So how can I find the right therapist for the right value?

Everyone wants a counselor who will give them good value for the time and money they invest in therapy sessions. While there are many therapists, psychologists, counselors and life coaches available in the Dallas area, they aren’t all created equal.

Some are very good at what they do. Some can help you achieve extraordinary change and growth. Some will provide a sympathetic ear, but won’t help you achieve concrete and lasting results. Some will be unable to help you in any way because they just treat counseling like a business. This third type of counselor may be good at keeping clients for years, but that’s about it. They don’t teach their clients new strategies for dealing with emotional problems. They don’t really help them achieve life goals, either.

Our goal is not to make you dependent on therapy. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your life. 

No Waiting Lists 

Stacy never puts any of her clients on a waiting list. It is not only unfair to make clients wait weeks or even months for a consultation, it is also unprofessional. That’s because a long waiting list is not a sign of an excellent therapist. Rather, it is a sign of a mismanaged counseling practice.

Dallas Counseling can offer new clients their first appointment the same week they call. We can even manage to offer an appointment for the very next day.

This is a service no other counseling practice can provide. Our therapists, on the other hand, always keep a few spaces open in their weekly schedules. That way, we can always accommodate new clients.

Let's Talk - a Free Consultation (A $50 value)

You have a free 5-10 minute consultation with a Dallas psychotherapist today. Other counseling practices would charge you $50-$100 for such a consultation. Call us at 972-808-7422 today. Don't worry, this is a no-pressure phone call. We will never pressure anyone to begin or continue counseling or life coaching.